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“The power of art, when it’s at its best, is to create awareness in a very subtle and beautiful way to a whole society. The importance of creating art, not for its own sake, but for God’s sake, and to use art to bring out issues that are oftentimes invisible, like the idea of the fetus in the womb. So, to create this piece will do a great job in bringing awareness of the beauty and sacredness of life.”

- Timothy Schmalz

Through the inspiration of Tim’s art, the Life Monument has enabled various methods of raising awareness of the dignity of all life. Through this sculpture we are all called to see the value of life and the beauty of a mother’s tender love for the child in her womb, whom she is nearly ready to gift to the world. 

Pilgrims and tourists are drawn to these colossal sculptures but the image and the meaning behind the sculpture can also be inspiring in both miniature sculptures and in Life rosaries.


Miniature white stone Life Sculpture



Through the Life Monument image, we want to help support Life Organizations by helping with fundraising and awareness campaigns. 

As a Life Organization, you are able to purchase beautiful miniature white stone Life sculptures for a greatly reduced cost. These can be purchased in bulk and re-sold by your organization at the price you determine as a fundraiser. Stickers with a QR code to your organization's fundraising website can also be placed on the bottom of the statue.

Life Organizations are also able to purchase Italian-made, high-quality wood rosaries at a greatly reduced cost. They are sold to you in packages of 24 rosaries and can be re-sold by your organization at the price you determine as a fundraiser. 

A Life-sized, light-weight resin replica of the original bronze sculpture is also available, depending on scheduling, to be used for temporary display or during organized marches. 

If your organization is interested in partnering with us or you would like more information, please reach out through our contact form.

Life Rosaries can also be purchased directly from EWTN

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